Alumni – the Guru’s to guide you to righteousness

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Alumni – the Guru’s to guide you to righteousness

Selecting the right university these days are only down to the “Ad Campaigns” the university conducts; parents and students are blind-folded to the ads – 100% placements, the number of students passed-out, the infrastructures (which cannot be validated), and finally the word of mouth (which is years old).

Based on this, the student who joins study on a comprise that the semester fee is already paid. Now, he/she should be okay with 1000’s that study together in the same department, the job placements which is not related to the field, the lecturers most of whom do not have professional experience, and finally the alumnus who is still looking for a job.

To overcome this, we believe the only person who can help any student in selecting a university is the alumni. It’s vital that the students talk to the alumni of any college or university, the alumni share the most important considerations for choosing a college. The alumni will definitely talk to you on different factors which will guide to select the right university.

Ask the alumni these questions:

  • How did he decide to join this university?
  • How competitive was the course, and how practical was it?
  • How was the placement program for you and your seniors?
  • How are the infrastructures?
  • How was your degree related to your job?
  • How long did it take you to find the right job?
  • What are the tasks that you perform on the job based on your course?
  • May I keep in-touch with you and let you know my progress?
  • And don’t forget to say thank you!

Now where will I find an alumnus?

Every university will have a networking app by which all their alumni will be connected, if not look for social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn and see whether you can connect. Always remember that networking and fostering relationships are the ways to build a good career in any field. Students will understand the benefits of networking only after 5 years, good you read this blog and you can start your professional connections from here.

All the best in hunting the right college / university!