pravin_alPravin Natesan 
Finance Varsity, (2013-2014 batch)

Studying at CBS has been a unique experience. Throughout the one year course, there were new things learnt each day which made it exciting. The faculty members, drawn from various industries, are highly experienced and are able to enlighten us about current trends and situations. The course is structured in such a way that it involves case studies, presentations, team work, visual aids, problem solving, situation analysis, research and field work that hone our skills. With class room interactions, encouragement to ask questions, continuous assignments and appraisals, it makes us well rounded individuals. CBS also encourages us to make paper presentations at other universities, and this enhances our visibility. Importantly, the professors at CBS mentor and guide us to achieve success in our respective careers. Also guest lecturers from various industries give us an insight into the corporate world, something which is often a grey area in a students’ mind. Undoubtedly the one year of education at CBS has been a transformational experience for me and I am proud to be a part of CBS.

aishwarya_alAishwarya Muppirala 
IT/IBM Varsity, (2013-2014 batch)

I was working with Cognizant for 1 year 7 months as a java programmer before choosing to quit my job and pursue higher education. My main reason behind leaving such a good company was to change my area of work and get into management, which had been on my mind for a while. One year down the line, my area of knowledge has expanded, because unlike any other course, your learning is not narrow – it is wide. The teaching at CBS prepares you to put concepts into practice through case studies, field work and class room interactions. Today, I am placed in a good company and have got my dream job. As long as you keep learning and believe in yourself, nothing is impossible.

vikram_alVikram Santhanam 
International Business Varsity, (2013-2014 batch) 

Chennai Business School is a great place to study and keeps getting better and better. I feel comfortable talking with any teacher at any time about anything – how things are going, what is on my mind, what is happening on campus. My relationship with many of the teachers at school can be classified as friendship. I keep in touch with them. The teaching methodology is very professional in terms of multimedia power point presentations on important topics, provision of hard copies of helpful notes from mentioned books, and many case studies, which were really helpful. The College helped in developing my skills and understanding beyond what I could have hoped for.

balagopal_alBaalagopalan N 
Marketing & Communications Varsity, (2013-2014 batch)

Learning at CBS was a totally unique experience – one of the best years of my life; one that actually changed my career path to a greater extent. Initially, I was not very confident, and was not sure about which way my career would go after this one year. But thanks to each and every faculty member who stood by me and guided me every time I needed any, I’m now in a great situation. One thing that makes CBS stand apart from other institution is they make us realize learning is fun. And when you enjoy learning it’s always easier to understand. The one year at CBS passed really quickly, but the memories will stay forever. Big thanks to all my friends and faculty.

gokhulGokul Kanda
Marcom Varsity, (2012-2013 batch)

Studying at Chennai Business School was not a typical B -School experience. The intimate learning environment meant that I could easily ask questions of the teachers during lectures and case discussions, which helped me gain greater knowledge and insight into the subject content. The best thing about CBS is having the freedom that allowed me to learn what interested me the most, so in all my time here I never felt bored. To any new student coming to CBS, I would say this: Throw yourself at every opportunity that comes your way. Those opportunities can make all the difference between getting what you want and having to settle for second best.

Prakash Venkataramani
International Business Varsity,  (2012-2013 batch)

I will always value the time that I have spent at CBS. The time spent here was extremely fruitful as it equipped and enabled me to enter the work field with a great sense of direction and determination to succeed. Most importantly, the faculty and support staff encouraged me to passionately explore all avenues, and helped in unlocking my true potential.

 Lavanya Ramachandran
Best Student – Marketing Varsity

CBS gave me the kind of management education that I wanted after having worked for a while and taking a break for my higher studies in Management. It is rigorous, has an exhaustive curriculum for one year, and has a perfect blend of theory and business application with case studies, field work, and dealing with real industry problems that a management graduate must definitely know about. Learning from the leaders is truly the essence of my Management degree from Chennai Business School.

 Pradeep Kumar J
Best Student – Marcom Varsity

CBS has been like almost a second home to me. I am sure my friends from CBS would also share the same opinion. Those never ending assignments, Guest lectures by industry speakers and classes by Faculty of high profile, are memories to be treasured. The atmosphere that we grew up in CBS had all the ingredients in right quantities to enable the sharpening of our business acumen. With the best professors around, who were our friends, philosophers and guides throughout the journey were an inspiration to us. The emphasis was always laid on the practical problems that the businesses around the world faced, and we were trained to analyse and work towards resolving these issues. This immaculate blend of theory and practice brought me close to Learning for the Real world and now I am practicing all those learning at MARG Ltd. All good things come to an end, but I would never consider my absence from CBS as an end, in fact it has given birth to a new role as an alumnus. I would cherish every aspect of this role and would continue my association with CBS, ensuring my contribution to the school in every step it takes ahead.