Engineering graduates desirous of making their mark in this industry and with relevant experience in software development of at least 2 years.

Fee Structure

The fee for the Program is Rs 6,00,000 (inclusive of service tax). This includes the cost of reading material.

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The IT Industry continues to be a growth Industry and a major generator of employment in our country.

However, many software professionals feel the need to re-equip their skill sets after a period of 2 to 3 years when their progress slows down and, in many cases, the careers start stagnating.

The Post-Graduate Program in IT Management has been conceptualized to provide working software professionals with an opportunity to grow their careers in the areas of Pre-sales, Project Management and Domain expert roles.

CBS offers a one year, full time Post Graduate Program in Information Technology Management.

The PGPM in IT Management has around 850 hours of classroom contact and field-work hours.  Of this, around 400 hours will be the General Management module which consists of the following courses:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Quantitative Techniques in Management
  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • IT for Managers
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Economics
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Financial Management
  • Legal aspects of Business
  • General Commercial Knowledge
  • Business Strategy
  • Operations Management

The specialization course aims to give a comprehensive understanding of theory and practice in the field of IT Management.
The following courses are covered in the Program:

  • Business & Functional Analysis
  • Strategic Account Management & Selling Methodologies
  • Project Management & Tools
  • Domain Specific applications, systems development and architecture etc. in areas such as:
    • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance
    • Retail
    • Healthcare, and
    • Manufacturing
    • Telecom
    • BPO / KPO
  • Proposal writing, contract preparation and other account acquisition tools & methodologies
  • Growth models in IT industry including acquisitions & mergers
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Mining and Warehousing
  • Object Oriented Application Design (OOAD)
  • E-Commerce
  • Strategic IT Management and Planning
  • Emerging technologies and their impact on business

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Advisory Council


Mr K Krishnan, Governing Council Member – Chennai Business School and Director, ThinksynQ Consulting


Mr. Balchand Parayath, Management Consultant
Mr Monicka Raj, former CTO Airtel
Mr G S Srinivasan, Former VP – Data Mining and Business Intelligence, CTS
Prof Palanivelu, Program Coordinator – IT Varsity, Chennai Business School

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Placements of IT Management students have traditionally been in the following roles:

  • Pre-Sales
  • Key Account Management
  • Domain/Functional Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Business Analyst

The CTC of the students in IT Management has been the highest across all Varsities.

The companies that have hired students from the IT Varsity are listed below

  • Adventity
  • BRisk
  • Cognizant Technologies
  • DC Kap Technology
  • Decathlon
  • Defiance Technology
  • HCL Comnet
  • HTC
  • Inautix
  • Lister Technologies
  • Mahendra Satyam
  • Newgen Software
  • Saksoft
  • Servion
  • Thesys Technology
  • Thinksynq

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CBS brings a variety of experienced and qualified faculty to teach the specialization courses.  The faculty comprises working professionals with proven domain expertise in the subjects.

The list of Faculty members who teach Marketing and Communications courses at CBS are:

Name of Faculty Subjects handled
Prof. Chandramouli, Lead – EAS Delivery Excellence Practice – PMO, Cognizant Technology Solutions Project Management
Prof. Viswa Kiran, Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)  in an IT organization Strategic Account Management & Selling Methodologies
Mr. Sridharan, Retired Banker Domain – Banking
Prof Palanivelu, Management Consultant Domain – Retail
Object-oriented Analysis and Design
Strategic IT Management and Planning
 Mr Monicka Raj, Former CTO, Bharti Airtel Domain – Telecom
Mr. Krishnan, Director -ThinksynQ Consulting and Governing Council Member, Chennai Business School Domain – BPO / KPO
Mr. Sampath Kumar Domain – Health Care
Dr.Sudhir Kumar, Eye Surgeon Domain – Health Care
 Mr Sathasivam, Chartered Accountant Contract preparation
Mr G Srinivasan, IT Consultant Business Intelligence
Data mining and warehousing

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Start Date for Winter Batch 2019-20

  1. December 2019
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  3. 2
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  5. 4
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  7. 6
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  31. 30
  32. 31

Full Time

1100 Contact Hours
6 days a week