Here’s how you can double your career growth with an Executive Program in Management

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Considering it, a postgraduate degree is a huge investment. But, choosing the right institution and the field of study will help you get the returns, that too in quick succession. Looking past all the hype that surrounds a management degree, is it really worth it? Here are two ways how our executive program will allow you to seek a higher pay package, provide you with the right tools required to start your own business venture or switch careers with ease.

Improved career opportunities

Changing gears on the road to a new career may seem impossible, especially if you’ve been in the same industry for years. But our executive program offers a fleet of professional and personal development opportunities and the career options available to you increases dramatically. Recent surveys show that 75% of the employers said that given the option they’d choose someone with a postgraduate program in management.

Climbing the corporate ladder

A candidate with a background in management is well-respected by the business community and can secure a higher position in the organisation with a beefier pay check. Apart from that, a robust professional network is one of the most valuable assets in the corporate world and a b-school will certainly help you build a strong one. This will come in handy when you need access to new business opportunities.

Increased salary prospects

A PGPM on your resume will give your employer an impression that you are proficient in the field of business. This will instantly make you a valuable asset/prized commodity to their organisation. Hence, they will be ready to reward you with a higher pay package compared to a candidate with just a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree focused in another field.

If you’re looking to shift jobs or trying your hand at a new career, you can benefit from our executive program. Our executive program will open up an array of opportunities allowing you to be promoted, change careers or kick-start your entrepreneurial dreams.