Why take up EPGPM

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Like everyone says, there is no end to learning. Learning is a lifelong process involving effort and hard work. As you climb up the corporate ladder and meet competition, the only way you can sustain it is through sharpening your armour of knowledge. The only way to do so is learning or upgrading oneself. This is where EPGPM fits the bill for working professionals who have a few years of managerial work experience.


What’s in a name!

EPGPM, as the name suggests, is meant for executives and working professionals who have already gained a significant amount of experience. The duration, module, curriculum, and pedagogy etc. for EPGPM programs are designed in such a way that it suits executives. The need for pursuing these executive programs is that people need to understand how business environments are rapidly changing globally and it enables executives to respond effectively to the changes.


Why take EPGPM

  • Executive PGPM allows experienced professionals to hone their managerial skills, leadership qualities, exposing them to ideas from professionals who are working in similar or diverse fields, expanding their career opportunities.
  • Customized segments ensure that the students get more than what they are adequately equipped with and empowered with knowledge and skills sets to attain leadership positions, adding value to the organizations through complex situations. There may be certain skills that they lack and needs polishing; which EPGPM covers.
  • This can be their gateway to entrepreneurship. For many enthusiasts who do not have a management degree and obtaining an EPGPM is an effective way to gear up for the new phase. Most entrepreneurs do not just execute an idea but also lead a team of co-workers and employees who are the driving the wheels of their dream. The course will not only give leadership lessons but will also expose them to case studies and real-life situations of tacking different situations in a business.
  • Organizations often value their employees and finance their EPGPM from noted institutions so that they can take their organizations up to higher levels of management or take a leadership role. These students do not participate in the placement process and work weekdays in their organization to contribute their acquired learning.
  • EPGPM classrooms are diverse in terms of background of students and experience. It will be an opportunity for the prospective student to interact and build networking connections with these professionals from different sectors, career levels, and functions. Corporate honchos and managers hobnob with students in the form of guest lecturers helping them to develop business contacts aiding in the student’s personal as well as professional growth.
  • Many wish to pursue their long-lost MBA dreams. Not everyone is fortunate enough to grab coveted seats in top B schools and EPGPM offers wings to those dreams. You can continue to pursue your erstwhile jobs and study side by side at CBS. The sole reason to pursue the course is to bridge the gap between the current skill level and desired skill level to play a larger role in management paving way to a better career path.